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(please note, this is one of those one day evolving documents, because it’s going to cross link with my newsletter, a new toy I’m playing with on Twitter, and here. if the links don’t quite work yet, I apologise – the important thing is the book links DO, even if the rest isn’t all linked up at the start. 🙂

Bi-weekly is a bit of a lie, I know, but I’m hoping it’ll pick up!)

Welcome to the Maximum Effort M entry for the 2023 AtoZ challenge!

When last I wrote…

I can’t remember when last I wrote, I gotta be honest. Like many people with severe mental health issues, sometimes I start something, with all the good will in the world, and it falls by the wayside. I’ve slooowly been finding my way back to writing, and I’m hoping I can pick up my newsletter, and share some good stuff on StoryOrigin, but for now, this is just a quick ‘hi’, and letting you know I’m still…kinda here, and what’s definitely next, for the next few weeks at least.

You know the declutter I mentioned?

When last I wrote, I’d just decluttered our garage, and discovered I had the rights to about 30 books to reissue. I’m still working on that, though, in the case of two of them, I’ve got my grubby little mitts on them in print version. I’ve also decided to skip the paper part of the step entirely and edit on my Kindle Scribe now, so I’m working through merging all that, so I can reissue books. ‘Memento Mori’ is coming really soon, basically, we’ve just got to get the high sign on a couple of stories that I’ve still got get the paperwork for, so that it stays up. I’m really excited, cause I’ve got a whole new collection of horror that I’d like to release, but I’m also quite looking forward to submitting my work to other journals and presses and building up another collection of shorts *to* publish.

Glass Block is nearly finished too. I think at this point I’m just procrastinating because in November it’ll be 20 years since I wrote it, so I’m working through the last of the edits on that, and I’m working with friends on a true crime press, called CrimeBinger. We’ve got some books coming out for that really soon, which is exciting.

Mostly this month…

Mostly though, this month, I’ve been taking part in the AtoZ challenge and trying to shoehorn themes in my books under a word, in alphabetical order, throughout the month. I think, based on the description, you can probably tell that I’m not enjoying that at all, but it’s a challenge. Today’s was kind of a relief, because it made me stop procrastinating over saying hiya and sharing…well, not news exactly, but waking up the newsletter again. I’m hoping to go back to bi-weekly posts on here, and sharing a lot more than just missives about myself, but for now, I just wanna wave and see how you guys are? Come say hi, and enter a giveaway on my writing blog? 🙂

You can check out both, and to enter, if you like, and I’ll keep reminding people. Full info on the prizes etc

(and if you’re reading on the blog, here’s the entry. It’ll be open till July 1st).

Finally, some recommendations

I’ve got some tool recommendations, and reviews I’ll be offering in the future. Some are free, some are affiliate linked (marked with *). If they’re marked with *, I’ll earn something or get points or similar from them. If I can, I donate to charity, or give away what I earn, but if I can’t, I offset it instead.

K-Lytics *- while many of my readers are, well, readers, some of you are authors, and I’ve found some really neat information in their reports. The latest one is sci-fi and fantasy*, and it’s absolutely amazing. Their research and analysis is really interesting, and there are always nuggets in there that are really crucial to a great head start with planning books, either written to market or improving your writing.

Evernote – Evernote is proving to be critical to my work, for more reason than one. It used to have a referral plan, it’s currently suspended, so I’m just recommending it 😉 I use this for organising study and storage.

Scrivener – Might have an affiliate scheme, can’t find it, highly recommended regardless. I’ll always complain I can’t use it on Dex (Android, specifically my Samsung tablet) but it’s a minor annoyance for what I do. Remember, Nanowrimo participants get vouchers for participating sometimes, so if you’re looking to take part and do those projects, there’s always that option.

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