N is for Non-fiction

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So, I’m talking about my books this month for the AtoZ, and a huge part of my writing is, I guess, my non-fiction. And it’s a completely different beast to my fiction.
I’ll be putting up a lot more of my backlist books in the next couple of weeks, but I’ve also got a couple of books on pre-order.

What I write

What don’t I write? I am working with friends on a true crime press, and I write mental health books, I write marketing books, and I write stuff to share what I can when I’ve learned stuff. I basically feel like it’s my responsibility to share everything I’ve learned and can teach.

Coming up

At the time of writing this, I only actually have one book available, but I’ll be adding extra non-fiction books, so there might be more here if you visit later in the month/after April 🙂 Kill Kit Killers, from my backlist, will also be available soon too!

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