Prep for the biggest month of writing, in 100 days!

Book Cover: 100 Day Book Plan: write your book in 100 days!
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  • 100 Day Book Plan: write your book in 100 days!

November is the most wonderful time of the year for some writers - and we get to enjoy it, and the projects attached, with wild abandon.
As a 20 main challenge veteran of Nanowrimo, and other monthly writing projects, I've got so many tips and tricks to prep and write with less stress, less fuss and more fun!
100 days to prep your book gives you a daily guide to prepare your book, research, care or yourself and get ready for everything to make whatever challenge you are taking part in THE BEST one yet!
While this book is designed to be started on the 24th July, to prep for Nanowrimo, it and the workbook (sold separately) can be completed at any time, allowing you to build and plan your book.
40% of all proceeds will be donated to Nanowrimo and the Office of Letters and Light.

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