A House at War

Book Cover: A House at War
Part of the A House at War series:
  • A House at War
Part of the Shula series:
  • A House at War

After the dark days in Herisimat, a broken and dispirited Shula is invited to the Court of Arrath, to recover with her remaining companions Tarval and Ertaf. But, by the time they arrive, Arrath is embroiled in a civil war for the Throne of Arrath. And that civil war could destroy the whole continent - if Arrath falls, Herisimat's support will falter, and the Void Walls may fail, overtaking Arrath, Delaevir and Cytathi.
Can Shula and Tarval do anything, or is the House of Arrath already lost?

Are is the Walls at the edge of the Void already crumbling?

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