DungeonBashers Actual Play

Book Cover: The Endless Lake - DungeonBashers Actual Play
Part of the DungeonBashers series:

Trapped in the edge of a black hole is the best time to DM, right?
When all you've probably got is time?
Natural 20 that game!

While they work through everything they can access - which so far isn't much - they're going to play their last game of D&D.
Will they survive either world? Maybe....

The StarFall's Edge, a massive ship from the Salvagers project, is on a rescue mission for another crew, heading to a far distant star, XO-5, 910 lightyears away, with the help of ubiquitous, but alien tech. Something goes horribly wrong though and they're forced to go to their skip pods early....
After awakening, and setting a long task of system integrity checks in progress, after taking care of everything they need to, to survive, and to distract their friend, Con, who had subsisted in the skip drive in a different way from the rest of the crew, Hera agrees to start a game of fantasy roleplay. What happens next is down to the dice, creativity and the memories that are slowly returning....

DungeonBashers switches from the sci fi story of survival to an actual play/Lit-RPG game where they distract themselves.
This is the first of a season of books, and is two of six.

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