Formatting order form

Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. If it’s incorrect in any way, we’ll refund or amend your bill, on discussion of your order.  These quotes are for ‘basic’ or standard formatting.  If you require deeper work, in InDesign etc, please use our contact form instead.  Thank you!

The date listed is the FIRST date we have available. If your book is less than 100k in length, please leave your count a 100,000 and put it in the notes that it’s a shorter book, or the form will not work properly. The base cost of a format is currently $55.
Per 20k additional count is $5, and additional images are listed in their categories. We also offer internal image sourcing and logos. Please read the instructions carefully.  You should tell us what to expect, images wise, but, for example, you can choose one custom image as a part image instead, and have that free, instead of the custom title page.  Your logo and headshot, unless we have to provide them or source them in any way, should be listed. You should also have all files ready to upload. Any images included internally should also be attached.

Even if your header is only the same image with the number built in, please be aware that we charge for those (mostly because of the extra time to reduce size etc to ensure your delivery costs are as low as possible, capped at 20 surcharges (even if you need more).

You can save the form and return to it any time in 30 days – your booking is not considered “complete” until you have filled out the whole form. At that point, cwe will contact you with open dates, and the time we expect your job to take. Once the date is confirmed, most jobs are completed three working days (Monday to Friday) after your booking date, though may be completed before that date if we have space to do so.

Correction requests on books that we have formatted are available on this form (coming soon).